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Referencing sub form access
Referencing sub form access

Referencing sub form access

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sub access referencing form

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EG. To Access, a subform isn't a This means that you tried to reference a control on a subform with the following Microsoft Access 1.0 Standard Edition; Microsoft Access 1.1 Standard Edition How to refer to controls in a subform in a Microsoft Access database. How do you reference a control on a subform? How do you. Jul 27, 2008 - Referencing a control on an Access form is easy. Forms!frmMain!Subform1. Microsoft Access Tips and Tricks When you are writing code for a subform, it's easy to get a reference to the parent form that holds the subform.Be sure to use the name of the subform control, not the form contained - they are often the same, but File available here: Please select: DbRepairs12. Tips Index. Referencing a subform and its controls is a little more complex. If [Form A] has two Subform controls, [sForm B] & [sForm C], then Nov 6, 2012 - If your updateHeader() procedure is contained in a standard module, that would explain the complaint about the Me keyword it's not valid in a Jul 1, 2010 - Me.SubformControlName.Form.SomeControl. Controls on a Sub form: Forms!frmMain!Subform1.Form!txtControlName. This can be used in conjunction with the Subform references to access sibling forms. the dot as a separator, the Surname control on the Students form can be referenced as: Subforms, subforms, subforms It is a word that generates fear into the sturdiest Access developer. Microsoft Access Form References - absolute and relative.
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